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Sydney P. Blum, CPA, CFE, CFF, CPEA


Mr. Blum is a leading award winning IP, complex litigation, general damages, breach of contract, & royalty agreement expert. His 30+ years include 10 Fortune 50 corporate and five as a KPMG Partner. He was the Chief Audit Officer of Beats (now Apple). Author of two books on contract financial language and royalty auditing (Oxford University Press & LexisNexis). His well written grounded reports are cited as best examples and respected by judges.

Economic Damages
Blum is an economic damages expert on more than 100 federal and state cases. Cases include complex litigation, intellectual property (patents, copyrights, trademarks, false advertising, royalty auditor competence, fraud, DMCA), wrongful termination, construction defect, internet, marketing, unfair competition, oil & gas pipeline, class action, personal injury, breach of contract. Mr. Blum has deep knowledge of Georgia-Pacific factors for reasonable royalties.

Expert on a $66 million DMCA judgment, $300 million & $25 million settlements, and the two largest music copyright cases. One-third of cases are IP and damages are almost always accepted over other experts.

Royalty Audits
Mr. Blum led the royalty audit practice for Big 4 firms Ernst & Young and KPMG where he wrote the global methodologies. As the world's leading authority on royalty auditing, he is unmatched in expertise having represented some of the world's most famous brands and individuals.

Fraud & Forensics
Having lead more than 1,500 forensic investigations, Mr. Blum was named the Certified Fraud Examiner of the Year in 2012 by the 80,000 member Association of CFE’s. He was one of five board members.

Industry Experience
As a Big 4 Partner and Fortune 50 employee, he has a wide range of industry experience in toys, film, music, consumer products, oil & gas, medical devices, real estate, tech / internet companies, media, software, plus many other

Business Damages and Intellectual Property

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