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Barbara J. Justice

Areas of Specialization

    anxiety, anxiety disorders, capacity, cognitive evaluation, cognitive impairments, competency, competency to stand trial, depression, effects of trauma, emotional damages, emotional distress, emotional harm, emotional sequelae to chronic pain, gender identification disorder, harassment, medical malpractice, mental health, mood disorders, not guilty by reason of insanity, personal injury, personality disorders, pharmacological clinical, psychiatric disability, psychiatric disease, psychological stress, psychometric testing, ptsd, severe mental illness, sexual abuse, sexual and emotional abuse, sexual behavior, sexual harassment, sexual orientation, standards of care issues, trauma,

Barbara J. Justice

Forensic Psychiatry

Dr. Barbara J. Justice, Board Certified Forensic Psychiatrist, began her career in medicine as a surgeon in New York City in 1982. After several years as a practicing surgeon, she decided to enter the field of Forensic Psychiatry. She received training in all aspects of psychiatry as well as the law, during her Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship at UCLA.

Dr. Justice has broad experience testifying in criminal and civil cases and has been deposed extensively, more than 300 times. She has also testified frequently as mental health expert witness for the State of California. Her unique background in physical medicine, trauma, psychopharmacology and surgery, combined with her psychiatric expertise, gives her an in-depth understanding of the multitude of factors at issue in civil litigation cases.

Dr. Justice is currently Attending Forensic Psychiatrist and Director of Psychiatric Training at the Metropolitan State Hospital in Norwalk California and a Psychiatrist at the Psychopharmacology Center for Behavioral Medicine in Whittier, California.

Dr. Justice received her Medical Doctorate and completed her Surgical Internship and Residency at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, Department of Surgery, College of Physicians & Surgeons, Columbia University, Harlem, where she was appointed Chief Resident. She returned to the same school to intern in adult psychiatry. Dr. Justice earned fellowships for Cultural Research in Psychiatry from the American Psychiatric Association, in Psychodynamic and Psychotherapy from New York University Psychodynamic Institute and in Forensic Psychiatry from the Department of Psychiatry at UCLA.

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