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Pierre Fey, D.C.

Areas of Specialization

    connective tissue injuries, crash dynamics, whiplash injury

Pierre Fey, D.C.


Dr. Fey has been a practicing chiropractor in Westlake Village, California since 1997. He earned his doctor of chiropractic from Life West Chiropractic College in San Carlos, California. Dr. Fey also earned a B.S. in Athletic Medicine from San Diego State University. He is a member of the faculty at the Southern California University of Health Sciences.

Dr. Fey has attended forty eight post-graduate training sessions at the Texas Chiropractic College over the years. These training programs include: Neurodiagnostics, imaging protocols and the pathology of the trauma patient, crash dynamics and its relationship to causality, documenting clinically correlated bodily injury to causality, spinal biomechanical engineering, spinal trauma pathology and connective tissue injuries and wound repair, accident reconstruction, mild traumatic brain injury and training in whiplash injury biomechanics and traumatology as a diplomate at the Spine Research Institute of San Diego.

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